Like Always

So nice to hear from you today, like always.

I’m not even sure just what to say…

And so, as time drifts by, so will I.

Yea and oh, all this time you wonder why I can’t let go.

Let go, let go, let go.

No, I can’t let go.

Tired of feeling all this pain from you.

Tired of being asked to change for you.

And so, as time drifts by, so will I.

Yea and oh, all this time you wonder why I can’t let go.

I let go, let go, let go.

I let go.

So nice to hear from you today, like always…

Until You’re Mine

I’ve been waiting so long for this moment to come.

Sitting here I’m wondering, have you been waiting too?


So much going on in my head.

Confused about the things you said.

All night long I’m wondering, should I reach for your hand?


Trapped inside your love and I want more of you tonight.

You’re the one I want, I can’t go on until you’re mine.


All this time I’ve stayed all on my own.

There’s no way I can change the way that I love.

If it’s alright with you, I want you right now.

This is more than I can bear.



Everything is about to change,

I’m no longer on my own.

I’m glad I let go of all the pain,

there’s no room for any sadness to grow.

I left the darkness behind,

and I’ll never look back.

Now truth is on my side,

and I don’t want your lies back.

Temptation has come,

but it shouldn’t even bother.

I’m too stubborn to let it through,

I won’t let it go any farther.

Nothing Without You

I wish I could tell you this all makes sense. But writing this makes everything intense. Knowing you’re listening and hearing my words, fights me and haunts me until it hurts. Do me a favor and listen in, understanding the tough situation I’m in. It all started when I thought I knew, that fate put together us two. Troubled and worried, with a grin on my face, love had caught me in a warm embrace. There’s nothing that stands in the middle of this, nothing but connection and the feel of a kiss. Something could stop me, if I let it win but I know that everything comes from within. So grab me and tell me everything’s alright, I’ll trust you and love you, and make things right. Forgive me for all I’ve said, I know I’ve run, before this I know not what I’ve done. Whining and crying, I’ve given excuses, but nothing surpasses those foolish refuses. So love me, everyone deserves another chance, but not so much if love has passed. I know it may be something you can’t look back on, but believe in your heart and have something to lean back on. Call me crazy, any name you want. I’m ready and willing to move this along. One simple big breath is all it takes to get this started, leaving off the brakes. This dream has caught me by surprise but I’ve strapped myself in for the ride. Without the belt I have everything to loose, but everything means nothing without you.

Just DO YOU!

Why do we moan and stay in places we don’t wanna be?

Our life shouldn’t consist of regrets when we have the option to choose.

We sit and listen to someone speak as though they are better.

We cross our legs and nod as a sign of respect to those who may even lack respect for themselves.

Who made us believe we should be doing these things?

I’m tired of hearing people say they’re not happy in the situation they’re in.

It’s time to take initiative.

Let’s have no more regrets and stop doing things we don’t wanna do.

It’s time to WAKE UP and do what brings joy.

Do what brings happiness.

Just DO YOU.