God’s Plan

There are things that may seem to be true but I have yet to show you my glory.

I want to give you the world yet you only see what’s in front of you.

Don’t you know the love I have for you is much greater?

I have found the path for you, are you willing to see it come to pass?

There are things you have yet to see and I will be the one to show you, not anything nor anyone else.

Be careful who you trust as the devil is snaring within the area.

He wants to distract you and bring you into destruction.

Yet fear not the devil nor man, as either will lead you elsewhere.

Sometimes you may think I am not present.

You should know I am with you always.

Nothing will ever separate me from the love I have for you.

Listen to me.

Know that I am good.

Know that I have never left.

Know that my glory will be shown among you.

The time is near.

Adhere to my word and keep your temperance.

Keep your temperance and know I am good.

How I Love You

How I love you

How I care

The time has come my Love

Oh how I care


I want what’s best for you

Your love is long ahead

I’ll be the one there for you till the end


How I miss you

How your love shines from over there

No you’re never far

You’re here in my heart

I feel you near


How I love you

How I care


You came to me with hope

I reward your faith

You came to me with love

I’ll light the way for you


How I trust you

In the moment

You are the arms I’ve always longed for

you are the comfort that I’ve craved

I got locked up in the moment

and had nothing left to say

You poured your heart out in your hands

and had the devil shake in fear

You told me things about the future

things I’ve really needed to hear

I’ve always longed for your affection

your gentle touch and healing hands

I really love you oh so much

I really hope you understand

A Million Miles Away

I hear you call my name

a million miles away

I see you in my dreams

your beauty captures me

I can’t let go of you

my heart is seeks your truth

When you’re all I see

your strength takes over me


I keep on falling for your love

I keep on running towards your love

I keep on reaching for your love

I can’t let go