Everything is about to change,

I’m no longer on my own.

I’m glad I let go of all the pain,

there’s no room for any sadness to grow.

I left the darkness behind,

and I’ll never look back.

Now truth is on my side,

and I don’t want your lies back.

Temptation has come,

but it shouldn’t even bother.

I’m too stubborn to let it through,

I won’t let it go any farther.


Don’t tell me your thoughts if they ain’t facts, I’m not looking to believe in your lies.

Don’t tell me you’re fine when you’re really a mess, I’m not looking to waist anymore time.

If you can’t see the truth, there’s no point in us talking, I’m no longer a fool looking for love.

If you can’t handle me now, don’t try and come back later, I’m only getting stronger with help from above.