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Just DO YOU!

Why do we moan and stay in places we don’t wanna be?

Our life shouldn’t consist of regrets when we have the option to choose.

We sit and listen to someone speak as though they are better.

We cross our legs and nod as a sign of respect to those who may even lack respect for themselves.

Who made us believe we should be doing these things?

I’m tired of hearing people say they’re not happy in the situation they’re in.

It’s time to take initiative.

Let’s have no more regrets and stop doing things we don’t wanna do.

It’s time to WAKE UP and do what brings joy.

Do what brings happiness.

Just DO YOU.


Exposing 5 Common Health Myths!

A low carb diet is best for weight loss.


Low carb diets may fool you by resulting in quick weight loss. However, that weight loss is usually due to the decrease in calorie consumption, not so much from the reduction in carbs itself. A low carb diet may also result in an increase in saturated fat and high cholesterol consumption. On a side note, diets typically fail and result in the individual relapsing and possibly gaining even more weight due to unrealistic goal setting. Word of advice is to make realistic lifestyle changes such as reducing soda consumption and increasing water intake!

Fresh produce is superior to canned or frozen produce.


Frozen produce like berries may retain their nutritional value longer when compared to fresh produce due to the frozen produce being individually quick frozen (IQF) at its peak of freshness.

The body needs a cleanse every once in a while.


A cleanse cleans you out completely, meaning the cleanse will take out the bad stuff AND the GOOD stuff!

Extra protein is needed to build muscle.


Protein helps repair muscles, not build muscle. Fun fact is the Americans eat TOO MUCH PROTEIN! Too much protein can dehydrate your body and add stress to your kidneys. Excess protein must find a way out of your body, so it is then expelled through urine. Protein is often consumed from meat which is often high in saturated fat. It is recommended to consume most of your protein through plants.

A multi-vitamin supplement can boost energy levels.


FOOD provides energy, multi-vitamin supplements do not. Multi-vitamins should only be used when deficient in certain minerals such as iron. Iron deficiency (anemia) is commonly found among women and should be taken care of to help reduce feelings of fatigue, dizziness, or lightheadedness. Contact your doctor if you feel this may be something you struggle with.

Without the Love of God

Without the love of God I would not be who I am today.
There was a time when all I saw was darkness and I thought there was no way out.
I cried.
For days, weeks, months, years, I cried for God to save me.
I wrote to Him, sang to Him, praised Him, obeyed Him!
Or so I thought I was…
It wasn’t until these past years that I realized God’s love for me.
It wasn’t until these past few months that I felt the actual manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I’ve felt Him pull me, guide me, and even call my name. It’s crazy we think it’s just a coincidence when things take a sudden turn in our favor when really it’s God’s spirit moving around us.
I can’t attribute any success or gained knowledge from my own power. I can only give God full and complete credit for pouring grace over my life. He has blessed me with the fire to seek Him. I want to know more. Once I felt a glimpse of His presence I knew there was nothing on earth EVEN CLOSE to how He made me feel.
Yes! God made me feel something. He blessed me with a tangible expression of love. I felt heat covering my body with a lifting and cooling effect. I could feel His spirit move from my fingers up into my shoulders spinning around as though to fill every corner of my being.
I’ve been going through a transformation process lately. I’m being pulled towards detoxing myself from worldly things. As I become closer in my relationship with God, I find it easier to let go of things that used to hold me down.

Freedom From My Thoughts

Some days are harder than others.

Some mornings bring frustrations from dreams the night before.

Some evenings bring memories, some nights bring pain.

It takes a while to let go of certain things.

It takes years to let go of certain people.


What I’ve noticed is these thoughts never seem to leave.

They come and go just to see if I’ll give in.

They come and torment just to see if I’ll respond.

But I won’t.


Thoughts only have as much power as you give them.

Pain only has as much power as you allow it to have.

I give all power to God and He continuously cleanses me from these thoughts, and from this pain.