Sometimes I feel as though I’m on a rode to no where. There are days that seem to slip right out of my fingers. Most of the time I tend to over think certain situations. My mind begins to wander and instead of telling myself no, I keep wondering why I’m even here.

Have you ever been so convinced that nothing you do will ever be right? Nothing you do will be of importance? You begin to wonder if you’re worth anything?

I’ve had those moments where I’m driving and I hear a voice telling me to end it. I hear a voice telling me no one cares. I hear a voice saying that no one will even notice I’m gone.

I’ve had those days repeatedly. I’ve heard those voices non-stop.

But what’s stronger…?

The voice in my head, or the power within my heart?


I love you more

than I realize

I love you more

and I sacrifice

I love when all things have lost their way



Why do I feel this song is about you?

I hear it screaming your name.

It’s like they’ve known every part of our actions,

yet they say we are neither to blame.

I’ve said things that hurt but that doesn’t tame me.

I’ll crave more but be busy with lives that need saving.

I have a heart for the broken, the lost, and the weak.

I hope you’d follow in the steps that I lead.

Theres a journey ahead, not many can conquer.

We are the chosen,

don’t ignore me any longer.


I miss you

You’ll never know how much I love you

how much I think about you each day.

I miss everything we used to do

but I still remember all the times you hurt me.

Sometimes I wonder why it ended in the first place

but my scars remind me why.

I know what happened I just don’t know why I left.

There were a lot of things said to me now I can’t help but let them go.

I used to crave your attention

I wanted your eyes locked on mine.

When we connected I felt something different.

Something so strong I can’t explain and I don’t have to because you know.

Maybe that’s why I’m writing.

Honestly, I feel as though that part of me is still missing.


Under My Shadow

Why do I get scared

every time your’e near me

I get lost all in my thoughts

surrounded by you

The nights they turn cold

your love has lost its warmth

In my head I’m haunted by your lies.

No more, I can’t believe

You think you’ve made a fool out of me

No more, you can’t hide under my shadow

No more.

You, you’ve got your friends

they’ll be a mask just for you to fit in

All your fame, yet they don’t know your name

All this hate, you’re never to blame