Sometimes I feel as though I’m on a rode to no where. There are days that seem to slip right out of my fingers. Most of the time I tend to over think certain situations. My mind begins to wander and instead of telling myself no, I keep wondering why I’m even here.

Have you ever been so convinced that nothing you do will ever be right? Nothing you do will be of importance? You begin to wonder if you’re worth anything?

I’ve had those moments where I’m driving and I hear a voice telling me to end it. I hear a voice telling me no one cares. I hear a voice saying that no one will even notice I’m gone.

I’ve had those days repeatedly. I’ve heard those voices non-stop.

But what’s stronger…?

The voice in my head, or the power within my heart?

Supporting Children’s Cancer Research Fund!


This campaign was started to support those in need and bring awareness to cancer and cancer research. Personally, I have seen how cancer affects lives. On the other hand, I have recently been able to be involved in health related research. My eyes have been opened and I am now looking for ways to better show my support. When purchasing any Cherrylive item, 50% of proceeds will be donated to Children’s Cancer Research Fund! I am so excited to finally be able to proactively advocate health awareness and help those in need!

Thank you for your support!

Your Love

Why can’t I breathe?

Why can’t I be more to you than I am?

More to you, than they see.

I wanna know, where does the time go?

All my love seems to leave me.

You left with no goodbye, I stay with no reply. I wait.

I sit here thinking why, you left me all alone in this place.

I’m all alone.

I feel so cold.

Won’t you breathe in me some hope?

I’m tired of lovin’ all wrong.

You said you’d teach me to love while you’re gone.

While you’re gone, I’m lost, I need your guidance now.

You seem so far I’m crying for your love now.

I need your love now.

How I Love You

How I love you

How I care

The time has come my Love

Oh how I care


I want what’s best for you

Your love is long ahead

I’ll be the one there for you till the end


How I miss you

How your love shines from over there

No you’re never far

You’re here in my heart

I feel you near


How I love you

How I care


You came to me with hope

I reward your faith

You came to me with love

I’ll light the way for you


How I trust you