Until You’re Mine

I’ve been waiting so long for this moment to come.

Sitting here I’m wondering, have you been waiting too?


So much going on in my head.

Confused about the things you said.

All night long I’m wondering, should I reach for your hand?


Trapped inside your love and I want more of you tonight.

You’re the one I want, I can’t go on until you’re mine.


All this time I’ve stayed all on my own.

There’s no way I can change the way that I love.

If it’s alright with you, I want you right now.

This is more than I can bear.


All My Love

You think that I don’t care at all.

Look in my eyes, you’ll see way more.

Oh you’ll find that when you’re near me I retract.

Oh I love to have you around me.

If not, you would know.


Oh, the way you look at me, I feel love.


Sometimes I’d rather be alone.

Relax my mind and just take it slow.

But if you ever do need me, I’ll be there.

If I fail to meet you there, I’ll send you all my love.


I think we’re better off this way.

There’s no use in thinkin’ we’re the same.

It’s my greatest fear to love you like I do.

If I fail to love you like this, I’ll lose all my love.